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Hi peoplesss i'm a strange girl who likes to draw, cosplay and do other creative things on spend times.

please if you have some questions about my gallery/work or maybe sugestions what you like to see more in this gallery etc.. feel free to ask :aww:.

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It's a little bit late, but I had a heavy jet lag from the flight back to The Netherlands, so I was very tired and i needed allot of rest.

I'm a few day home now, but i already missing Japan, and I really wand to go back. I stayed quit long in Japan, but it went so very fast which saddest me a bit. But the weeks I spend there were awesome. 

I wend to allot of places like Osaka, Shibuya, harajuku, Shinjuku, Ikebukero, Akihabara, Miyajima and some more i didn't mention. First I started in Osaka which is a great place for karaoke from our experience and to go out. After that we wend to Miyajima. Miyajima was beautiful and is one of the places i miss the most. We stayed there in the first ryokan that is stood from a lovely family who were one of the sweetest people i met. The food there was delicious and i really enjoyed the nature and temples there. Next we wend to an other ryokan in with a private onsen and butler. This one was very beautiful and very luxury which was amazing to experience. I made there a little photoshoot of my Grell cosplay as well which you can see in my gallery ;) we also wanted to make a photoshoot of Levi and Eren together, but we had so little time and we still wanted to enjoy and relax in our beautiful stay that we skipped that photoshoot sadly, Same goes with Rikku and paine, but we will do those an other time ;). Next we stayed the rest of the weeks in Tokyo where we visited other places in tokyo and near by Tokyo, by an apartement in suitengumae. Tokyo was awesome, better than we expected actually ^^ You can read the experience about those places in our blog, otherwise this journal would be to long if i say it here ;)

The thing that we didn't mention on our blog was that we wend to Disneyland, which was awesome ^^. We saw a few beautiful parades there and we wend to some actrations which was  very awesome too. At the end we wend to a beautiful restaurant in a big cruise ship. The food was very delicious there and the place was amazing and luxury as well.

I really have to get use to the Dutch norms again, and sometimes in a negative way like when i go with the subway it is not that quiet as the subways in Japan, and people are very grumpy at some places here and there, which annoys me more now than i normally did. The only thing i'm glad to use again for the subway, trains and bus is my OV chip card since that is free for me but thats about it XD, owyea and the bicycle roads (you can read that story on my blog). 


Request- I wish I wish by lighterfoXXX
Request- I wish I wish
Request from :iconecclytennysmithylove: hope you like it ^^

This drawing was based on scene from a fanfic, you can read the whole fanfic here if you want ;) :
I Wish I Wish (MarkiplierXReader (One Shot updatedYou flopped onto your bed, you had just gotten dressed for bed and you thought you were going to combust from the heat currently happening for the summer.
You had changed into your favorite babydoll nightwear, your aunt gave it to you on your nineteenth birthday, your parents weren't very thrilled, but they were talked into you keeping it by your aunt.
You had been on break for the summer you so were staying at a friend’s house for the whole summer.
It was nice in North Carolina for the time of year, but unfortunately the air conditioning broke and you wouldn't have it until sometime tomorrow.
You laid on your bed and looked out of your window, there were lots of stars out tonight.
You sighed at you looked at them, nights like these brought back memories from your early highschool years when you still lived just outside of the city, you had friends who could drive so they would take you and several others out to the lake and just look at the stars.
You closed your eyes and made a
 written by: :iconimmageek4321:

It was actually the first time I got an request for making fanart. I never had that before and I only made one fanart of Markiplier few months ago XD, so it is quiet an honor ^^. I had some struggle with the contrast and anatomy( especially with the right arm XC ), so it took longer than I expected to be. I had a other drawing at first from another scene, but it didn't went very well, so I skipped that one.

I could finally make more time to do this request, since school was very stressful last month because I had to apply for internship within time, next to exams I had to make. I hope within next week I can upload more stuff. As for cosplay it has to wait. It have to wait a little longer since that takes more time than a little drawing, and if I be honest I don't know if do this for long in the future. I had some plans for this year and you will more from it this year, but as for next year it depends if I still like to make something for cosplay.
Markiplier and the dogs by lighterfoXXX
Markiplier and the dogs
This is one drawing that I inspired to make when I saw markiplier 4 million subscribers video with Lucy and Charlie. I got some time to finish it, so it's finally done ^^

I hope he will see it and like what I made :D I was trying to send him a mail, but does anybody know if he still use his gmail?

Owyea if someone is wondering why there is a camera data, it's because I made a picture of de base from this drawing that I had drawn in the traditional way first.
Crazy Doctor by lighterfoXXX
Crazy Doctor
Urrg I really failed to draw the hands at this one. It is not one of my best drawing with the anatomy and such, but i still like to show it to you guys. I made this design for a game jam were I also made a 3D model of it for the game itself. Now since it was a game jam and i had a week to make the model it is not very accurate and I like to polish it one day for my portfolio ;)
Grell cosplay-Ryokan4 by lighterfoXXX
Grell cosplay-Ryokan4
If you are interested please have a look on my cosplay page;) :…

Now that The book of circus ended, I am happy with the outcome of this season, but i'm still question myself to cosplay a noah arc circus version of Grell since she didn't had a special circus outfit there. What do you guys think shall i do it even though it wasn't there, so yes which design do you like to see?

One photo of my Grell cosplay that was made in a Ryokan ^^. It was a lovely location to shoot picture's with this costume since maybe it will be the last time i will cosplay Grell Sutcliff, untill i see a lovely costume by the new upcoming serie's/ova of Kuroshitsuji like the book of circus and book of murder.

Cosplay: me

Photographer: Komory-Bat

Made in Japan

Shingeki No cookies!! by lighterfoXXX
Shingeki No cookies!!
Me and Komory-Bat were bored so we made shingeki cookies haha! I made all the faces ^^. I hope you can recognize all the faces I made. Some were very hard to make. They were very yummy XD.

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